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Art has been ingrained in my identity for as long as memory serves. From early forays into art classes during childhood to an unwavering commitment throughout high school, where every spare moment was dedicated to artistic pursuits, my journey has been one of continuous exploration and dedication. Graduating with top honors in art further fueled my passion, leading me to pursue studies at Pratt Institute, where I delved into a multitude of fine art mediums before ultimately earning a degree in communication design.

My professional path initially veered towards broadcast design, where I honed my skills in New York's media scene. However, fueled by an enduring passion for fine art, I have made the decision to reconnect with my roots. This transition marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter, where I eagerly immersed myself once again in the world of fine art.

Drawing from extensive experience teaching graphic and broadcast design to adults in professional settings, as well as nurturing young artistic talents in programs such as the Garden City SCOPE, I am poised to embark on this venture with enthusiasm and expertise.

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